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Making sense of identity

With so much technical complexity and public uncertainty around digital identity Jaspar’s aim is to help people feel at ease when sharing important personal information. Jaspar’s identity verification services demonstrate the highest standards in fairness and non-bias, surpassing standards with Government level certification. Jaspar believes in a future where control of personal identity sits fully in the hands of the individual. Powered by hugely powerful and robust AI algorithms, Jaspar is paving the way for the future of identity verification.
Facial recognition is a biometric technology that uses the unique and distinct characteristics of an individual to identify them. It works by analysing the patterns and shapes of faces to create a unique template. The widely used 5 point landmark algorithm detects key landmarks on the face to compile this facial data.

We used this as the springboard on which to create a visual language that helps to simplify a complex industry and enables individuals to own their digital identity.



As the identity mainly exists in the digital sphere, we curated a vivid colour palette that meets AAA accessibility for colour contrast.  Movement plays a key role in the visual toolkit for Jaspar to mirror the dynamic nature of identity. The simple geometric shapes can move, grow, change colour and evolve from one to another. To provide structure for this fluid design language we implemented a 45degree square grid in which the shapes can live.