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Studio and vision

About BEOM

We created our studio with a simple mission

We want to design and create exceptional solutions for today’s most innovative companies. As a creative partnership we are lucky to hold complementary skills and collectively have over 30 years experience working with global brands and tech disruptors.

We love collaborating with people who share our passion for design and we know the incredible impact a small personal team can have on a project.

BEOM brands and digital solutions - case study
BEOM brands and digital solutions

Specialists, not generalists

We believe in the importance of self-initiated projects and feel it’s crucial to take regular breaks from commercial work. Our store showcases just some of the work we do, it helps us to keep growing creatively and feeds back into the creative work we do for brands we work with.

We are strong believers in focusing on, and constantly improving, our core specialism so we can bring the best and most up-to-date skills and knowledge to our own projects and when collaborating with our partner studios.

Our work

Aimee Thompson

Brand specialist

Aimee is a graphic designer with a passion for illustration and image-making. Specialising in brand identity design, Aimee has designed brands and digital solutions for ambitious tech disruptors as well as global life science organisations for over 10 years. Aimee studied Graphic Design at Northumbria University and has since worked with a wide range of companies, both locally and across Europe, leading on major branding projects. A keen image-maker and photographer, Aimee has many self-initiated projects running alongside her studio work.

Andrew Young

UX and Digital specialist

Andrew has a passion for great user experience and design, with over 18 years of designing and building digital solutions for businesses. Over the years, Andrew has created work for brands across a range of sectors such as BMW, British Airways, Sage, Capital One and NGI, amongst others having worked at renowned agencies in the North east. A marketing graduate from Northumbria, Andrew soon followed his passion for design and technology by ditching the marketing world in favour of creating and collaborating on exciting branding projects.

We’re located in Baltic 39, in the heart of Newcastle‑upon‑Tyne, where we’d love to have coffee with you and learn about your project.