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Dr. Barbara Sturm

A premium, yet personal, brand experience

UI Design

Dr. Barbara Sturm believes that the secret to beautiful skin doesn’t lie in an exhaustive routine. The brand believes in innovation with a minimum number of expertly-crafted products without the use of toxic or harmful ingredients. Its growth in new wave luxury cosmetics has been driven by the world of influencer and YouTube vloggers, and now they have subsequent expansion plans for Europe, APAC, and China.

With experiential boutique spas in London, Düsseldorf, and Los Angeles, Dr. Barbara Sturm needed to find a way to rapidly increase its global retail footprint through eCommerce, whilst providing a customer experience that brought the highly personalised in-store consultations into the online store.

UI Design
UX Flow
Dr Barbara Sturm
Desktop design

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s previous platform, Magento, was buggy and rigid. The employees and brand advocates of Dr. Barbara Sturm were heavily reliant on external, rarely contactable, development teams to make any changes to the site. Dr. Barbara Sturm needed to be agile in adding new website functionalities underpinned by customer data insights as their business grew; to continue to engage the customer through personalised UX and ultimately improve both conversion and average basket size.

E2X and BEOM teamed up to deliver a 360° degree approach to UX and design, beginning with a series of remote UX discovery workshops to truly understand the brand and its customer base. Moving to BigCommerce allowed DBS to create more tailored customer experiences than traditional e-commerce platforms. This flexibility allows them to react quickly to market trends and changing customer needs, across many countries simultaneously.

Mobile UI
Mobile UI

When in store, customers are treated to a personal consultation to create their perfect daily skincare routine, and it was this holistic brand experience we aimed to replicate on the online store. In addition to the customer experience we focussed on the operational complexities within Dr. Barbara Sturm, allowing us to design a composable commerce solution that allowed the business to deliver the same premium, yet personal, brand experience to their online channels. The end result brings a personalised doctor’s consultation right to your device, allowing customers to evolve and enhance their skincare routine to fit ever-changing lifestyles.

Dr. Barbara Sturm are now able to grow faster and focus on the customer, product, and brand experiences, knowing that they can address changing opportunities at speed. This means that they are starting to get the ROI they had wanted from an eCommerce platform, with one that can be adapted based on their changing business and product needs, basically one that is ‘fit for growth’.